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M Image sensor N Lens contacts For details on compatible accessories of the Multi Interface Shoe, visit the Sony web site in your area, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. Accessories for the A Flash Accessory Shoe can also be used.

Nutrilinea, fondata nel 2002 a Gallarate (Varese), opera nel mercato italiano della produzione e packaging di integratori alimentari e dispositivi medici per il settore farmaceutico e sanitario e rappresenta un fornitore strategico per importanti aziende alimentari e farmaceutiche internazionali.

Professor Alberto Sajevo sees a woman walking in downtown Turin and starts following her for days; he finally meets her and they start talking, but they both give fake names. She is not the common secretary she pretends to be, but ex-terrorist Lisa Venturi who's currently in jail for having severely wounded Sajevo fifteen years before; he will finally and dramatically reveal himself.

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Gracie May Green And Tory Bellamy - New Year New Swap
Gracie May Green’s family and Tory Bellamy’s family joined forces for one of the best new years eve parties of the decade! Everyone was having a great time, including the girls moms who were chugging down more than their fair share of champagne. When the moms passed out from over drinking, Gracie May and Tory started to talk about how the only bad part of their night was that their dates stood them up. What made them feel a little better though was that since their moms were already passed out, it was like their dads dates did not show up either. They devised a plan that when the clock struck midnight they would smooch their dads and see how far they could take it. Sure enough just as the ball dropped the girls started ferociously kissing their opposite papas and what ensued after wass some daughter swapping sucking and fucking! The only thing better than popping off a bottle of champagne after new years is popping a fat nut off onto your daughters best friends face! Happy New Year Swappers!

La Seconda Volta - Soft PowerLa Seconda Volta - Soft PowerLa Seconda Volta - Soft PowerLa Seconda Volta - Soft Power